Sunday 24 November 2019

Term 4 Week 6 - Highlight for this week - Cultural show, Swimming, Footsteps.

Tumanako's Footsteps session in action on Friday at the hall.
Tumanako 26 is getting ready for their swimming session at the pool by their Instructors.
 This is our Tumanako Samoan Cultural group photo taken outside the hall after their performance.
This is our Tumanako Samoan cultural group photo taken before our performance on Thursday

Sunday 17 November 2019

Term 4 Week 5 - Dress Rehearsal for Cultural for the school and the theatre show

This is one of the cultural group on the day
This is part of the theatre show that the children watch
This week's  Footnote session for Tumanako dance
Whole School Assembly this week to celebrate the children's Attendance and their achievements
Theatre Show started off with a song and the children enjoyed watching.

Term 4 - Week 3 and 4 - Swimming and Marae visit

T26 were practising wearing their life jacket while learning how to swim
 They are learning how to float on the water in their life jacket
This is one of their Marae activities - Stick dance
Tumanako are getting ready for the Powhiri
T26 are learning to weave a book mark
T26 is playing one of the Marae activity they had on the day

Term 4 Week 1 and 2 Niue Language and India Diwali - Footsteps Dance

Footsteps actions
Tumanako is learning footsteps dance

Term 3 - Week 6 and 7 - Tongan language week

School assembly celebration
Children were working in their Tongan patterns